Pretty Sewing Kit!

Hello everyone! Today I thought it might be fun to make a cute little sewing kit- the perfect thing to hold our sewing essentials!

You will need:

Basic Supplies

Little candy tin

Some pretty paper


Scraps of felt

Needles, pins, thread, safety pins- whatever you would put in a small sewing kit!

Time to make: 20 minutes

Skill level: 2

Lets make it:

  1. Trace around the top of the tin onto the fancy paper. Cut out.IMG_1486
  2. Spread some mod-podge onto the top of the lid. Stick on the paper. Spread some glue onto the top of the paper to make a nice finish. Let dry completely.
  3. While your tin is drying cut some scraps of felt to stick needles and pins into.
  4. Once the tin is dry it is time to glue on trim! Carefully, glue the trim (with a hot glue gun) to the tin.IMG_1492
  5. See how pretty it looks??
  6. Here is my finished tin!



11 thoughts on “Pretty Sewing Kit!

    1. Thank You! I like it too. Actually I got it in a “ribbon sachet” from Hobby Lobby! Their was like 15 different ribbons in it with 2 yards of each. I didn’t like all of the ribbons but most of them I did!
      Thanks again for asking!

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    1. Yeah I like it too! The quote was actually already there! My mom got the tin full of natural cough drops! I liked the quote so I left it there.

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