Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy, Happy Birthday Mom! Thank you for everything you do!

Here is the present:


I made the pillow cover and tied a pretty bow with ribbon!

The present has an interesting story:

About a week before my moms birthday I happened to be going to Walmart to get some grocery’s (or something) While I was there I decided to check out their fabric to see if they had any fabric that would inspire me to make something for my mom. At the time I had 1 idea of what to make my mom and it wasn’t very good. So I was open to any possibilities. When I came into the fabric section I saw it, my moms favorite fabric! (she has a whole yard of it somewhere)  I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was then that I knew exactly what to make, a really cute pillow cover with this gorgeous fabric!

So I got a zipper, pillow form, and the fabric. (Walmart actually has really cheep, but nice pillow forms) When I started making it I was going to put the zipper in the middle of the back of the pillow, but the zipper was too short! Of course after I had already sewn it in. So I grabbed the rest of my fabric (I bought too much, thankfully it turned out that I had bought just the right amount!) And made a zipper-less pillow holder. It still turned out great!





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