Dried Roses

I promised awhile ago that I would do a how-to-dry roses tutorial when the roses came. Well now they are here. I also did this because Dried Lilac flowers has been the most successful post that I have written. You will need:

Garden scissors

Microwave and Plate (if you choose the 2nd method)

Paper bag, clothespins, and clothesline (if you choose the first method)

Rosebush, or roses

Lets make it!

Note: There are 2 methods for drying. 1 and 2. Both work well but step 2 is much faster.

For all methods:

  1. Snip the flowers from the rose bush.
Be careful when sniping the roses, the stems are prickly and do have thorns

Method 1:

  • Gently pull the petals off of the flowers
  • Place into a paper bag

    Each bag will hold about 4 cups (about 25 flowers worth) of petals
  • Let hang on your clothes line for about 1 – 2 weeks

Method 2:

  • Cut the stems as close to the flower as possible, making sure that the flower will set upright on the plateIMG_3717
  • Now place on the plate and put in the microwave for 1 minute. Watch closely! It is amazing!
  • Here is a before and after of the flower:

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