Beautiful Paper Roses

Paper flowers are one of my favorite things to make the directions are below:

You will need:

Tissue Paper

Basic Supplies

Skill level: 1 Time: 10 minutes per flower



  1. Cut two, 3 inch by 20 inch stripes of tissue paper.img_3289
  2. Cut the stripes into squares.img_3292
  3. Round off the corners of the squares.img_3293
  4. Now the squares should look like this.img_3294
  5. Stack 12 circles together.img_3295
  6. Staple them together right in the centerimg_3296
  7. Now, begin pulling each layer of tissue paper towards the center.
    Sorry for the blur, this picture was taken awhile ago

    8. Keep pulling until your flower looks like this

Hooray! You are finished! Now its time to make a bouquet!

9 thoughts on “Beautiful Paper Roses

    1. Cool! I used to make flowers like this with crepe paper but I decided that they look (and work) best with tissue paper!

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