Lets Bake

I mentioned on the About page that I like to bake but I just realized I haven’t told you anything about myself and baking so here it is:

I love to bake, ever since I was little I have liked it whether it was baking Christmas cookies or  just everyday bread I loved it. When I was able to bake without help I let my creativity fly, French macrons (if you’ve never heard about the hardest-to-make cookie that I have made then I’ve just shown you your new favorite treat. LOOK THEM UP!!) :), raspberry chocolate cake, chocolate crinkle cookies, pies of all sorts, and so much more. Here are a few great recipe books

  • American Girls Baking
  • Best of Country Cookies (if you want the worlds best five chip cookies look in this book!!!)
  • Joy of Cooking
  • Browse your library’s cookbook section you never know what you will find


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