Introducing SP Scrunchies + Grand Opening Sale

Hey guys! I’m soooo excited to finally share this new project with you! I’ve been planning this for quite a while, and it’s been hard to keep a secret! XD Anyway, YES! I’ve started a scrunchie shop, and am now selling scrunchies!

Styling The Scrunchie Trend ft. Brave With Grace Co.

Hey guys! Don’t you love the scrunchie trend that’s been going around lately? I certainly do. I love all the color combo’s and cute fabrics that people think up. One of my favorite places to buy scrunchies is Brave With Grace Co. they have a huge variety of velvet, and patterned scrunchies, all of them are just so cute! Make sure to read through the rest of the post for a discount code!

10 Items I’ve Been Loving Recently ft. Maegan Jeanette

Hey guys! A bunch of you have asked what skincare products I use, and just where I get my accessories and clothes in general. Today I decided to share 10 of my recent favorites, ranging from scrunchies to skincare. XD

Vintage + Retro Aesthetics & Introducing SP Aesthetic

Hey guys! You guys seem to have loved my past aesthetic’s posts, so I decided to put a different spin on it and make some vintage/retro aesthetics. They turned out a little different than I originally thought (mostly because I couldn’t find great pictures for some of the era’s) but I still wanted to share them because I think they are really unique and interesting. I’m also super excited to introduce SP Aesthetic, which I’ll be talking more about at the end of this post!