Lovely Phone Wallpapers To Enlighten Your Day

Hey friends! I hope you’re all settling back into your routines after a good break for Christmas & New Years! I know I’m definitely starting to get back into a bit more of a routine, which is so nice and helpful! With the New Year (hello 2021!), I know a lot of people are focusing on wellness & health, personal growth, etc. and so I thought I’d share some lovely little phone wallpapers to help enlighten your day a little with some encouraging and inspirational quotes! ✨

14 Free (!!!!) Christian Quote Phone Wallpapers

Hey guys! Who doesn’t love changing their phone’s wallpaper every so often? We all look at our phone’s so much throughout the day, so why not change your wallpaper that encourages you and inspires you? Included in this post are 14 completely free encouraging, inspiring and uplifting phone wallpapers, that are super easy to download and share!