A typical day in the life of me… ft. sway girls

Hey guys! I know you all love reading these “day in the life” type posts, and they’re always so much fun to write. I thought since the new school year has started I’d post a new and updated “day in the life” post. I hope you’ll enjoy reading through it. 🙂

Spring Morning Routine

Hey guys! You’ve been requesting a morning routine for a while now, so I finally decided to attempt posting one. tbh. I really don’t do too much for a morning routine most of the time, but I still thought it would be interesting enough to post. 🙂

Teen Life Typical Day Expectation Vs. Reality

Hey guys! I’m actually kind of surprised that I’ve never done an Expectation Vs. Reality on here before. XD Today I’m doing a typical day in the life, combined with Expectation Vs. Reality. Basically I’m just going through a typical day in my life and bringing some Expectation Vs. Reality to keep it interesting and fun!