Random Post #2

Hello everyone! Welcome to a very very random post! I like doing random posts because I can cover just about any subject in 1 post!

Random Photography + BIBPC

Hello everyone! I was going through pictures and I found some photographs that I have been wanting to show you for awhile and just haven’t got around to it! Mostly they are garden photos but there are a few other ones too!

The Back to school Tag + BIBPC!

Hello everyone! I was tagged by Starling for this award!


  1. Thank the person who tagged you.
  2. Answer the questions.
  3. Post new questions (or rewrite the old questions)

Get ready for a lot of questions!

When was your first day of school? We started the third week of August.

Homeschooled, Public school, or private school? Homeschooled.

What grade are you going into? Well I just started 7th

What’s your favorite season to study in? Probably Winter!

How is school going to affect your blogging? Well, I won’t post every day, but that is pretty much it!

What is your favorite subject in school? Art and History!

Your least favorite? Probably Math and Science

What subject are you best at? Probably reading

What subject are you worst at? Math ugh

What extra curricular activity’s are you planning on doing this year? Well I do piano, and I am also in a Little Women Hospitality Group!

Do you play any sports in school? As I said above, I am homeschooled and no I don’t really play any sports!

Is there any way that blogging has helped your blogging skill now or in the past? I actually would have never started this blog had it not been for school!

How much time a day does school take you? Um, well I start at 8 then go till 10 (A.M. btw) I take a little break then start back up again at 1 and go till 3!

Are you looking forward to seeing more friends during the school year? Definitely!

 What are you most looking forward to this school year? I get to write a book this year for writing, so probably that!

What are your overall thoughts on school? A challenge, can be fun at times!

My Questions!

I mostly just rewrote all of the above questions but I did make a few new ones!

  1. When is/was you first day of school?
  2. Are you homeschooled or do you go to school?
  3. What extra activity’s will you be doing this school year?
  4. Will you play any sports?
  5. Favorite subject?
  6. Least favorite subject?
  7. Best subject?
  8. Worst subject?
  9. Are you looking forward to seeing more friends during this school year?
  10. What time do you have to wake up in order to do school on time?
  11. How much time does school take you to finish?
  12. What are your overall thoughts on school?








Have fun nominees!



Here is by BIBC entry:


Fresh from the garden!

(Grace picking tomato’s)



My BIBPC Category #4 entry+ County Fair Photos!

Hello everyone! Megan let me join her BIBPC contest (long story made short: Someone dropped out of the contest and Megan kindly let me enter)



The theme was celebration, so here is my photo, the celebration of the fair! And no, I do not own a drone, or an airplane, but I did ride the Farris Wheel and got the picture from the tip-top of the wheel!

Here are some more photo’s of the fair:


Me on a super crazy ride! (photo credit: my dad)

I also did flower arranging at the fair, they have this on the spot free, flower arranging contest for kids 9-13, they have a senior group for 14-18, and they have a 0-8 group for the younger kids!

I won 5th place for the 9-13 group!

Here is a photo of me with my arrangement:


Here are some photos of my arrangement:


I hope you enjoyed this post even though it was kind of (really) short!

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Go team Coconut!