How To Find Good Blog Post Ideas (On Pinterest & Google)

Hey guys! I don’t know about you, but for me, finding good blog post ideas is by far one of the trickiest parts about blogging. As I’ve talked about in every single one of my blogging advice posts, consistently posting high quality content is one of the most important things for a successful blog. So how do you find those good blog post ideas? I’ve finally found a method that seriously WORKS and I’m so excited to share it with you guys today!

Okay, so before you can do any blog post searching, you need to know your niche. If you’ve been blogging for a while you’ll probably (hopefully) know what your niche is. If not, take some time right now to figure it out. There really isn’t any use in finding blog post ideas if they aren’t even relevant for your blog.

Also, this isn’t the only way I find blog post ideas, and it shouldn’t be for you either. This method can definitely be a big help though!

1. Make a list of small niches or categories of blog posts you want to publish on your blog. The small niches or categories I like to stick to for my blog are fashion, lifestyle tips & tricks and blogging advice. Sometimes I’ll throw in a recipe or a photography post, but I typically like to stick to those categories. When searching for blog posts I typically like to focus on one category at a time, this way I don’t get confused or mixed up.

2. Start searching! You can use either Google or Pinterest, or, if you’re a YouTuber, you could search on YouTube using the same technique. Key phrases are, “how to…” or “the ultimate guide to” or “top 10 tips for” etc. You can also search popular topics in your niche, for example, since one of my small niches is fashion, I could search, “how to wear…” Remember! Think like someone who’d be reading your blog, not necessarily how you think!

3. Find the best keywords you can. Look for long-tail keywords in medium popular topics. Why not go for the highest ranking and most popular topics? They are usually (I’ll talk about an exception in a minute) filled to the brim with other people’s posts, videos, etc, and more than likely, yours will get lost in the hype. This is why it is better to search in categories that aren’t as popular, but people are still searching

4. Look for the “golden nuggets.” A “golden nugget” as I like to call it is when you find a highly searched for category, for example the search term “how to wear cardigans with dresses.” As you can see, there are a ton of searches for it (how to wear cardigan with dresses outfit ideas, how to wear cardigan with dresses fashion, how to wear cardigans with dresses classy, etc.) and there aren’t any posts specifically about wearing cardigans with dresses. There is one about how to wear cardigans without looking frumpy and there is another one on 4 different ways to wear cardigans, but there is NOTHING specifically about wearing cardigans with dresses. This is your golden nugget my friends! So, yes, if you’re in the fashion niche, then a good blog post to write would be “how to wear cardigans with dresses.” I just found the first one for you – you’re most welcome. 😉 XD

5. Grab ALL the keywords. Going back to our last example of wearing cardigans with dresses, you might be asking, what keywords exactly do I use? My answer: Use all that you can!! Okay, so maybe not all of them, you want to put them through a couple of filters before you just use any and all of them. 1) They need to be relevant to your post. This means, if you’re writing a post about “how to wear cardigans with dresses” then don’t put in the keyword “how to wear cardigans with jeans” as satisfying as it is to put a bunch of keywords into your blog post, don’t do it. Why? Well, for one, Google in particular hates it and for another reason, you might get a lot of views, but you won’t get a lot of readers. People will see your post (hopefully with an impressive title or gorgeous graphic/photo), click on it and instantly leave once they see that it’s not what they’re looking for. So, just don’t do it. Do your research and diligence and you will be rewarded.

6. And you ask, “Where do I put these keywords??” Don’t worry if you’re just a beginner and are sitting here wondering where on earth you should put these keywords. We were all there once! 🙂 So the keyword that relates the most to your post you’re gonna put in the title. Make sure it actually sounds like a title though! For example, the title of this post is, “How To Find Good Blog Post Ideas On Pinterest & Google.” The keyword is “how to find good blog post ideas” and I added the “on Pinterest & Google” part to give you (the reader) more specifics about the post so you’d know what to expect. The other place you’ll want to put your keywords (if you use WordPress, I’m not sure about other hosting platforms) is in the “tags” section. Here’s a tags section all filled up with good keywords, yay!!

Alright guys, I think that’s it for today! I hope you enjoyed those tips for finding good keywords on Pinterest & Google. Although I haven’t personally tried it, you could definitely use these tips for Instagram or YouTube if you’re looking for good post & video content!

Make sure to let me know if these tips are helpful for you and don’t forget to pin the image below before you leave!

❤ Hannah

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