Watercolor Seashells

Welcome to this week’s weekly craft! I know many of my lovely readers have been to the beach this summer, and you may want something to do with all of those pretty shells just sitting around!

Skill level: 1

You will need:

  • Seashells (preferably the white ones)
  • Mod-Podge
  • Watercolor paints (I just used cheap ones from Walmart)
  • Paintbrush
  • Foam brush

Lets make it!

  1. Wash and dry your seashells to remove any sand or dirt, if you don’t like the smell of your seashells then after washing them drop them into a bucket filled with bleach. Wash and dry them again after wards
  2. Set up a nice workspace and begin to paint the shells


3.  Let the shells dry completely.

4. After the shells are dry paint the top of them with Mod- Podge


You will need to rinse out the brush after painting each shell, because the shells still have paint on them that could rub off.

5. Once the shells are dry from their first coat paint them again with Mod-Podge. Paint the entire shell, not just the top. Let dry.

Here are some pics of my finished painted shells!


Shells drying


How lovely is that?


Oooo! I just love the color!


Hmmm, I love how that looks like a sandy beach with lovely water!


This one looks like it belongs in a fairy garden!


I love how this reminds me of a huge mountain!

I hope you enjoyed! You could paint on some outdoor Mod-Podge and use these in your garden!

Comment questions:
  • Which was your favorite finished Seashell?
  • Do you have any shells just sitting around?








3 thoughts on “Watercolor Seashells

    1. I used to just paint my shells with the watercolor, the paint will rub off and get on you fingers (even when it is dry) I like to use Mod Podge to finish my shells, you don’t have to us it!
      Also Mod Podge is a product found at any craft store (Jo-Ann, Hobby Lobby) It is a glue that dries clear and puts a glossy varnish on you finished craft! I love using Mod-Podge!
      I hope this helped! Thanks for comenting

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