My favorite books

I love to read and I wanted to share some of my favorite books with you

Here are the crafty ones:

  • We love to sew by Annabel Wrigley
  • We love to sew Bedrooms by Annabel Wrigley
  • We love to sew Gifts by Annabel Wrigley
  • We love to craft Christmas by Annabel Wrigley
  • Ribbon Girls by Maryellen Kim
  • Boho Crochet (this has many different authors, the publisher is Martingale)
  • Summer Crafts by Marjorie Galen

These are not really crafty books just some of my favorites:

  • Little Woman (the classic)
  • The daring books for girls (look on amazon)
  • Most of the American Girl books (I like most all of their books but my favorites are the Samantha, Molly and Grace series, I also like their craft books 🙂
  • The American girl books Baking and Cooking
  • The Sonrise Stables series by Vicki Watson
  • Oodles of horses(an American Girl book) and Horse Play by Deanna F. Cook (these books are very much alike, they are full of activity’s and party ideas!)
  • Lets Have a Tea Party by Emile Barnes

Those are just a few of my favorites I have read them all and they are all great! 🙂

Thoughts on this post?

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