Answering Your Questions!! ✨

Hey friends! Last week I asked you guys to comment any questions you had for me and I ended up getting quite a few questions so here’s the post! I hope that it will be fun & enjoyable for you to read and that any new people around here will get to know me a little better! 😁

  1. I’d love to someday get my pilot’s license. I think that would be a fun hobby! 😁
  2. It depends on the ice cream flavor.
  3. Both!?
  4. I’ve always liked starting businesses and my mom actually suggested the idea.

Thanks for the questions Tori!

  1. LOL, I don’t actually know if I’m that amazing!? 😛 Thank you though – you’re seriously the sweetest! 😘
  2. I’m hoping to make a day in the life post soon!
  3. I think that the very most important thing about blogging is to post high quality content regularly, to have stellar photos and also to have an easy to navigate website.
  4. Being a Christian, I always turn to God in difficult times. Another thing I do is try to take a step back or “sleep on it” and realize that the world is so much bigger than just me. And also remembering that the current struggle I’m facing will most likely turn out alright and remembering times in the past where God has delivered me. 😉
  5. I would say to always try to put the other person first and also to realize that throughout your life, you’ll have different types of friends and that’s okay. I always used to think that all of my friendships needed to be “equal” (we needed to spend the same time hanging out, doing things together, etc) and that isn’t realistic or true. I have different friends where we do different things together and I’m super grateful for each one!
  6. Ugh, I’m not the best at this one. 🙃 I think that my one tip would be to remember that eventually you will have to do whatever you’re procrastinating about so just get it done and over with now. Any tips for this one are welcome!
  7. Usually on a day to day basis I leave my hair down or put it up in a messy bun. I don’t do makeup every day usually just around 3ish times a week although of course it depends on any certain week.
  8. Probably a messy bun. I’m not super creative with hairstyles, I should probably work on that more. 😛
  9. This is kind of a hard one. I would say though that He has given me a great family, great friends and just people to be around in general. Another thing is just moments where I feel so close to Him, which are always super special. ❤
  10. This one.
  11. I’m trying not to just immediately go for a snack, so instead I’ve been trying short walks or a healthier snack. Currently I’m loving hummus, rxbars, clif bars, strawberries or hard boiled eggs.

Thank you so much for the questions Madi!

  1. This one is really hard because it can be hard at times to do both. I would say that having them under the same topic and also just scheduling time to work on both of them has helped me to be successful and also to grow them simultaneously.
  2. Ooh great question! 1) Consistently and regularly post high quality content. 2) Try to take high quality photos, focusing on lighting and also how you edit your photos. 3) Also, comment sincerely (not just like, hey follow my blog) on other bloggers’ posts. This can help you gain new followers and also help you meet new friends, which is always super fun!
  3. It will be 5 years (😲) in November of this year.

Thanks for the questions Addie!

  1. Summer all the way! ☀
  2. Loves Does by Bob Goff.
  3. I actually had to start my blog for school and kept doing it because I literally just fell in love with it! And for Etsy, I’ve always loved starting businesses and my mom actually suggested that I try it out. I actually started selling crocheted doll clothes on Etsy when I was 10, sold ATC making supplies when I was 12, sold home decor when I was 13, then when I was 14 I finally actually sold something when I started my scrunchie shop which I have done ever since!
  4. I have 6 siblings.
  5. I think my dream job/ career would be having a lifestyle & clothing brand as well as be an influencer/ professional blogger.

Thanks for the questions Hannah!

Aww, thanks! ❤ I’d say my inspiration for photography is other bloggers and also photos from Pinterest! Thanks for the question!

It depends! I usually like doing it and don’t do it every day, so maybe that helps me to enjoy it better!? Thanks for the question Gabi! 😁

  1. I kind of told it in Hannah’s 3rd question. 😊
  2. I would say try to be at least a little active on Etsy each day, whether you list a new product, update your announcement or even respond to messages. This shows Etsy (and more importantly, Etsy’s algorithm) that you are an active seller who want’s to sell and is serious. Another thing is photos. They’re the first thing that a customer sees and in order to get sales, they must stand out and be good quality. Definitely focus on photos!

Thanks for the questions!!

  1. Ooh, this is a hard one. I would say probably being a cosmetologist or party planner.
  2. Bora bora or Europe.

Thanks for the questions Arabella! 🙂

Thank you guys all so much for the questions, it was fun to answer them! If you have any other questions or comments, feel free to drop them down below and don’t forget to like & subscribe for more similar content! ✨

❤ Hannah

9 thoughts on “Answering Your Questions!! ✨

  1. Great Q&A! The tips in this post are fantastic.
    Wow, 5 years! That’s really good. I recently hit 4 years. Though, that’s not with my first blog…


  2. Ahh what!!! I can’t believe that I didn’t know you like Bob Goff’s books!!!! He is like, my absolute favorite…of all time… my best guy friend teases that I’m in love with Bob Goff; I love him so much. 😆🤦‍♀️ Have you read his other books?


  3. This was a great post Hannah 🙂 I enjoyed learning more about you! We have several things in common. 😉 I love hummus, cliff bars, strawberries, Love Does and Everybody Always, and I would love to go to Europe too someday. Also, I do agree with everyone that your blog/Etsy photos are really good. Keep up the great work friend!


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