15 Ways For Teens To Earn Money In 2020

Hey guys! It can be tricky to find ways to make money as a teen, especially if you can’t drive yet or live in the country/a small town. Thankfully, with the huge rise of the internet, there are so many more options for teens looking for different jobs! I’ve complied 15 great jobs for teens, and am so excited to be sharing them in this blog post!

1 . Sell your clothes on Poshmark. We all make impulse buys or wear something once, then never wear it again. (I mean who doesn’t have that one dress in the closet they NEVER wear *raises hand*) A great way to get rid of your clothes and still get some of your cash back is to sell them on Poshmark. I haven’t actually bought or sold anything on Poshmark personally, but I have heard a TON of great things about it, so if anything, it seems work checking out!

2. Sell handmade/vintage items on Etsy. Now let me tell you, it can take quite a bit of work to get started doing this, but if you’re really passionate about what you’re selling and enjoy entrepreneur type things, this could be a perfect fit for you! I have seen many people become successful doing this, but I will tell you (from personal experience and also from what I’ve seen) that it takes a while to be successful, and it most definitely isn’t a get rich fast scheme.

*Read my post all about starting an Etsy shop here!*

3. Babysitting. This is a super popular teenager job and for good reason! It’s easy to get started with, and when someone hears you’re babysitting often it will spread like dominoes! If you have younger siblings/experience with young children, this could be a great opportunity for you!

4. Sell baked goods at a farmers market. I actually have a few friends who does this in the summer, and guys, you’d be surprised at how much they makes doing this! You do have to interact with customers in person and be able to explain your product, but if you enjoy baking/crafts this could be a great way to hone in on your skills, while making money at the same time!

5. Tutoring. If you’re doing well in school and enjoy teaching others, this could be a great job for you! Parents will often pay high-schoolers to tutor their elementary or middle school kids.

6. Do photography for people. If you enjoy doing photography and have a decent camera, than you could start doing photography for people. Many people don’t want to spend $$$$ on photos, so they’ll hire someone who has less experience, but can still do decent photos. You could start doing this with family members (cousins, grandparents, etc) or do your own family’s Christmas card photos, which could get the word out.

7. Create an online course. Again, this isn’t a “get rich fast” scheme, but it can work and earn you a little extra income. It’s also great because you don’t have to spend money on inventory/keep making the products. It’s something you can make once and sell a million times. If you’re talented at something digital, (like social media, for example), then you could easily create a course on that. In fact you could even create multiple courses revolving around the same topic. (eg. How to set up your Instagram account, How to reach your first 10k on Instagram, etc)

8. Start a T-shirt business. If you enjoy doing graphic design and are savvy with what people currently want, this could be a great job for you! You could design t-shirts and sell them on Etsy, or you could sell them at local markets.

9. Give music lessons. Parents often pay quite a bit for music lessons, and if they’re looking to save money, they might be willing to pay you at a lower wage than a professional. If you’ve been taking lessons for several years and enjoy teaching others, than this could be a great job for you!

10. Dog sit/walk/groom. Honestly, you’d be super surprised at how much people will pay to have their dog groomed/walked. It’s incredible! If you have a dog of your own, then you could practice on it, and on your friends’ dogs for free, then once you’ve honed in on your skills, you can sell your service to overs.

11. Clean gutters/windows/maid service. Oftentimes, in more affluent neighborhoods, people can afford to pay for services like this. Even if you aren’t a certified “gutter cleaner” or “maid service”, this could be a great job. It’s also great if you enjoy interior design (you’ll most likely get to see some nice houses) and if you enjoy organizing/cleaning.

12. Do nail manicures. This could work great if you are living in a college dorm. You could buy a gel nails kit and easily start doing nails for your friends. Eventually the word will get out that you’re doing nails, and you’ll likely have quite a few people.

13. Clean out motor homes/campers/boats. Cleaning out motor homes or campers or boats is a great way to earn some extra cash in the summer. I know from experience, these things can get VERY dirty easily, and someone may not have to put the time into cleaning it. You could make posters with your service and phone number and leave them at a local campground.

14. Start a blog. Okay, so I hesitated to put this one on here, but I did think it was necessary, because this is a way you CAN make money as a teen. The thing with blogging is, it takes a loooong time to make money doing it. But there are benefits to it, if you’re consistent and keep going. Eventually you’ll be able to (hopefully) get sponsored posts, sell ads and start selling a product/service. But I wouldn’t recommend starting a blog and expecting to be making a bunch of money right away.

15. Set up a farm stand. If you have a big garden/live on a farm, this could be a great way to earn some extra cash during the summer. If there is a busy intersection near where you live, you could set up there. I know some people who do this, and they’ve actually made a decent amount of money over the summer.

I hope you guys enjoyed these tips, and if you have any more money making ideas, I’d love to hear them in the comments below! πŸ˜„

Also, if you did enjoy these tips, make sure to share them with your friends on Instagram and Pinterest! Thanks guys!

πŸ’™ Hannah

39 thoughts on “15 Ways For Teens To Earn Money In 2020

  1. I loved these tips!!! Thanks so much for posting! I noticed a small typo: in number four you spelled “the” wrong………..”but if you enjoy baking/crafts this could be a great way to hone in on your skills, while making money at teh same time!” Just a small mistake! πŸ˜‰

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  2. Love the tips, Hannah! (Also, love your photos!) ❀ I sell on Poshmark (@sassydass), and love it! I don't really sell any of MY old clothes (I have younger sisters, lol), but I love reselling pieces from the thrift store or clothes people give me that aren't my style. Thanks again girl!

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  3. These are all awesome ideas! I may have to try selling food in a farmers market sometime! πŸ˜€ Great post! πŸ™‚

    -Laura ❀ πŸ™‚

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  4. I know you already said something like this but you could also sell photos online πŸ’– Great post! Love this!


  5. I love these ideas! They’re all pretty simple, so I may just have to give some a try.

    I also thought of 2 more ideas! 1. You could mow lawns/weed flowerbeds
    2. Sell old books and movies at a used bookstore.


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