15 Ways To Make Money This Summer As A Teen

Hey guys! Making money can be so tricky sometimes, am I right? And I mean, everyone has things they want to buy, or maybe even need to buy. Even if you can’t get a “real” job, or maybe just want a more flexible one, these tips will be helpful for you!

1. Start A Blog. This one can take quite a while to earn money, but if you’re currently a blogger looking for ways to earn extra money, you could definitely use your blog. There are dozens of ways, from affiliate marketing to product reviews.

2. Sell On Etsy. I’ve tried this for years, and have made a little money. I think sticking with it, and creating products people actually want to buy is really important if you take this route.

3. Sell Clothing. Often we (or at least I) buy clothes, wear them once or twice, then get tired of them. When this happens you can actually earn money off of your old clothes. Poshmark, ThreadUp, and Platos Closet are all great places.

4. Graphic Design. While you may not be able to become a professional graphic designer yet, you can design people’s blogs / businesses / book covers. Oftentimes people want someone inexpensive and who will create high quality graphics. Believe me, Photoshop isn’t that hard.

5. Create An Online Course. This is something I’m really hoping to get into. Creating an online course is one of the best ways to make money because you don’t need a lot of resources, or have to buy inventory. It only takes time, then earning passive income for years to come.

6. Become A Tutor. This is a great summer job because there is really no commitment to it past summer. (like creating an Etsy shop would have) You could set up 6 week arrangements, then (if it goes well) you could offer to continue doing it into the school year.

7. Babysitting / Child Care. Many parents still work during the summer, while their children are off of school, so you could definitely make some money doing this.

8. Sell At A Farmers Market. One of my friends sells cupcakes at a local farmers market, and many people will pay quite a bit for stuff at there. You could try flowers, baked goods, and vegetables.

9. Lawn Service. This is another thing you could try out in the summer and continue in the fall if it went well. You could mow lawns, weed flowerbeds, mulch, etc. Local businesses might want teens to do things like this as well.

10. Clean Cars. You’d be very surprised at how much people will drop for a car cleaning. It’s not too hard to do, and you’d be making a pretty penny for it too.

11. Sell Your Photos / Do Photography For People. If you’re into photography and have a decent camera you can totally do family photos and senior photos. With so many posing ideas on Pinterest, with a little research this shouldn’t be difficult. You can also sell your stock photos online. This is really great if you already do photography as a hobby, but don’t want to actually have sessions booked etc.

12. Give Music Lessons. People also pay an incredible amount for music lessons, and while you may not be a licensed trainer, if you have been taking lessons yourself for several years, parents may hire you at a lower wage than a professional, but it’s still great money!

13. Dog Walking. Who doesn’t love a cute puppy? This is another great summer job, plus you’re getting your exercise. Often elderly neighbors, enjoy it when teens walk their dogs.

14. Pet Sitting / House Sitting.

Most people go on vacation sometime over the summer, and they can’t take their pets with them. If you know of someone going on a longer trip you could also offer to watch their house for them. This may involve actually staying at their house, or maybe something like checking in every day, getting the mail, etc.

15. Make An E-Book.

If you are good at graphic design, and have something to share you can easily create an ebook. Amazon has a super easy way to publish your ebook, short story or novel. It’s the same idea as creating an online course, just in a different format.

What are some of you guys’ favorite ways to earn a little extra cash over the summer? I’d absolutely love to hear from you in the comments! ā¤

šŸ’™ Hannah

19 thoughts on “15 Ways To Make Money This Summer As A Teen

  1. Great ideas, I’m looking forward to trying some (like photography)! Another way I earn money is by selling hand-knit items on my blog and in person at craft fairs.

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  2. Oh yeah, I can totally relate…there’s that one thing you want to buy and then you remember you don’t have the money. These are some great tips and maybe I might try some. I’m really trying to save up right now instead spending all my money and ending up broke XD.

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