My Pinterest Inspired Pegboard + How to DIY your own!

Hey. Hi. Hello. I have had a few requests to see “that bulletin board in the back of your profile photo” and I thought today would be the perfect day to do it! I love the idea of a Pegboard, and think it is the perfect way to store lots of unique supplies!


So first, I thought it would be nice to show you some of other people’s ideas, and what they did, and also where I got my ideas!

(All images via Pinterest)

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10 Craft Room Pegboard Organization Ideas |

You got to see my peg board organization HERE and I’ve since been seeing pegboards EVERYWHERE!!! So many amazing hacks and tips and colors and sizes!!! I just HAD to do a roundup! (had too!) I think I just love pegboards because they are so easy to change up the layout and what you put …

Those were just a few of my favorites!

-My Pegboard-

According to your requests, I took pictures of my pegboard and am gonna show them to you!

*I apologize for the quality of a few of these images. The pegboard is in my bedroom, which doesn’t have the best lighting.

So here is the whole thing:

Pegboard featured

As you can see I wanted to mix artistic, with functional, and I personally think I did a good job!

I also wanted it to be a mix of clothing/fashion design and craft supplies!

Pegboard 2

I made this cute little “Joy” banner from felt and I just love how it turned out!

Pegboard 3

I figured that storing sunglasses on my pegboard was a great way to not get them lost XD. (plus you get to see my sister playing Lego’s, the flash on my camera, a messy room, and a lot of laundry waiting to be folded. AKA. my Saturday morning) XD

Pegboard 4 (2)

When I first put my pegboard up I knew I wanted a place to display clothing ideas! I found some neat wall stickers and put them up to match as well!

Pegboard 5

A random journal that I thought matched the decorations.

Pegboard 7

Ooh, this is probably my favorite part! Just a few weeks ago I decided I wanted some ATC’s on my pegboard as inspiration! Voila, so I taped that and some pretty paper up!

Pegboard 10

Watercolor paints in springy colors to make it look at least a little like spring! XD (the holders are actually for screw drivers (or so my dad tells me) but they also work well for watercolors)

Pegboard 11

The two little bins are super handy for storing stuff – like washi tape and bakers twine!

Pegboard 12

My calendar……

Pegboard 13

I love this picture! Pencils and markers! (storage bins from IKEA)

Pegboard 15

Scissors. From left to right: small trimming scissors, tape, basic scissors, fabric sheers, wire cutters. (I also have a few more pairs of wire cutters but those are the ones I use most)

Pegboard 14

The basics: safety pins and buttons.

I hope you enjoyed touring my pegboard!


Before you go, I thought it might be helpful to post a few tips, on how to make your pegboard and decorate it and a few other things to:


You will need to first buy a pegboard, measure your space, then have an adult cut the pegboard. You can also paint the pegboard, but I liked mine white. Watch a video or look at some pictures for hanging these. I hung mine a while ago and forgot to take pics, but there are plenty of other tutorials out there!

I also recommend buying a pegboard kit. (I think we got ours at Walmart, but Lowe’s or Menards would probably something similar) This is where I got the hanging wracks, watercolor storage, bins, jars, and a ton of hooks. It definitely is worth the money!

Make sure to have an adult hang the pegboard, it is much heavier than you think. XD


Now comes the fun part! Make sure to have a clear sense of what you want to put up on your pegboard. Such as, you want most of the pegboard to be devoted to wire jewelry, then put up wire cutters, beads, wire, and anything else you typically use.

One of the nicest things about a pegboard is that you can change it whenever you want! I haven’t changed mine a ton since I first hung it up a few months ago. But if you interest ever changes, it too can change.

Artsy vs. Practical 

So you really want to go for a mix here. I mean, you want it to be pretty, but you also need it to store stuff. It might seem there is no compromise, but really there is.

One thing I have come to realize is that practical and organized can be pretty and I think a pegboard is the perfect example of this! Making sure everything looks symmetrical and organized can looks super pretty!

Go back up to the top and look at mine.

See how I’ve added bits and pieces of decoration here and there! Doesn’t it look nice that way?

I hope you enjoyed looking at my pegboard, and maybe got some ideas for one of your own! Have a wonderful Monday (or as wonderful as you can make it)! Thanks for reading!

Do you have a pegboard?

What was your favorite part about my pegboard?

What do you think of the formatting of my recent posts?

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27 thoughts on “My Pinterest Inspired Pegboard + How to DIY your own!

  1. I wish we had space for a craft room. I’ve been loving these peg boards and they always look so light and fresh and spring-y! And it seems like it would be so much easier than rummaging through stacked bins.

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    1. Yeah, I actually don’t know if I have enough room for it in room! XD Do you like listening to Rachel Platten’s music?

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